Double-Bar Grates

The wide range of meshes, and strip sections and thicknesses mean that these meshes have a vast number of uses and applications in all industrial sectors.


malla cuadrada

Square mesh

Rejilla malla rectangular

Rectangular mesh

Rejilla malla romboidal


Doble encastada

Flats of equal height

Rejilla dentado antideslizante

Non-slip serrated (serrated crossbar)

Rejilla dentado superantideslizante

Double serrated (two serrated bars)

Rejilla persiana


Rejilla tela de seguridad

8×8 safety mesh

Materials and finishes

Carbon Steel Ungalvanized Galvanized Painted
304-316 Stainless Steel Stripped Electropolished Passivated
Aluminium Untreated Anodized Lacquered

Made to measure

  • We manufacture all types of mesh, square or rectangular (minimum 8 x 8 mm – 9.8 x 8.1 mm between bars)

  • Material cross section: minimum height 15 mm max. height 90 mm

  • Material thickness: 2, 3, 4 and 5 cm

  • Check with us for other thicknesses