Stair Treads

We manufacture stair treads with all types of mesh and in all sizes, both double flat bar and twisted round bar.


Peldaño con redondo transversal

Tread with round crossbar

peldaño tipo a (para soldar )

Type A (tread for welding)

peldaño tipo b (perfil de seguridad 8x8)

Type B (8×8 safety mesh)

peldaño tipo c (para atornillar)

Type C (tread for bolting)

Peldaño tipo caracol

Spiral-stair tread

Technical Data


Safety regulations for walkways

According to safety regulations for walkways and high stairs that allow passage underneath, an 8 x 8 mm safety mesh can be incorporated to prevent falling objects.

Telas de seguridad

Safety meshes

Stainless steel mesh with round 8 x 8safety mesh. 

peladño abocardado

Stair Tread

Datos técnicos

Stair tread technical data


escalera peldaños